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Transportation of monopiles & transition pieces


Transportation of monopiles & transition pieces: Hornsea 2



Weight & Cargo 165 monopiles

Cluster 1: 19 psc max L 77.2 x 9.5 m dia –

max weight 1284 t

Cluster 2: 49 pcs max L 73.9 x 9.3 m dia –

max weight 1096.3 t

Cluster 3: 60 pcs max L 70.3 x 8.8 m dia –

max weight 1006.6 t

Cluster 4: 37 pcs max L 69 x 8.3 m dia –

max weight 967 t

135 transition pieces

Cluster 5: 135 pcs – 12.2 x 10.3 x 22.3 m –

max weight 356 t

POL Rostock, Germany and Esbjerg, Denmark

POD Eemshaven, the Netherlands

Project Hornsea 2


  • 42 Consecutive voyages
  • Integrated project management
  • In-house transport engineering
  • Design and fabrication of grillages plus inlays
  • Optimised intake to reduce number of sailings required
  • “Best for project” mentality
  • Full transparency

Project Summary

Hornsea 2

Our scope on this project could be considered to be a straightforward ‘back and forth’ vessel charter contract. The reality, however, was very different. Our ‘best-for-project’ focus during the project planning and execution optimised every part of the extensive scope. This included project managing the transportation of 141 monopiles (MPs) and 131 transition pieces (TPs) from Rostock, Germany and Aalborg, Denmark to Eemshaven, the Netherlands for Ørsted’s Hornsea Two offshore wind farms. It was the largest number of MPs and TPs that we have ever shipped in a single contract – and also with a single heavy lift vessel. We converted the Fairmaster into a kind of ‘Swiss Army knife’ that provided the space for large diameter monopiles and transition pieces, but still with the flexibility for the other various lengths and diameters required to be transported.

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