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Mighty Carriers – One Gateway.

Multipurpose and heavy lift
shipping made easy

JSI Alliance is the simple gateway to the strongest heavy lift and multi-purpose services in the market – Jumbo, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine is at your service from one platform. Liner services, Project Shipments or Bulk – via our own fleet of heavy lift vessels, or deck carriers and time charter ships under our management – the connectivity of JSI Alliance is grand to make it simple for you.

JSI Alliance aim: To make your cargo journey easy for you.

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Versatile shipping like no other – see for yourself.

Heavy Lift Shipping

Heavy lift shipping involves transporting oversized or exceptionally heavy cargo that cannot be accommodated by standard vessels. Our specialized ships equipped with heavy lifting cranes and gear are utilized to load, transport, and unload non-containerized large and heavy items, catering to industries such as oil and gas, construction, and infrastructure development.

Liner & Multi Purpose

The liner shipping services of JSI Alliance operate on regular schedules and fixed routes, transporting cargo as break bulk or in containers between specified ports. With our fleet of capable multipurpose vessels we offer flexible services, handling various types of cargo, including break bulk, containers, and bulk cargo, often adjusting routes and schedules based on our customer’s needs.

Offshore Support

Our offshore support services provide vital logistical and operational support to offshore oil and gas platforms, wind farms, and other marine installations. Our specialized vessels facilitate transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies, ensuring smooth offshore operations. Part of our fleet are equipped with Dynamic Positioning systems and are certified as special purpose ships. We hold special equipment, such as fly jibs, which makes us a capable and preferred partner for offshore projects.

Project Management

Project management in heavy lift shipping and maritime logistics involves meticulously planning, coordinating, and executing complex transportation projects involving oversized or heavy cargo. It encompasses tasks such as route planning, vessel selection, cargo handling, and compliance with regulations to ensure safe and efficient delivery of specialized cargo to its destination.

Heavy Lift Engineering and Supercargo Support

Heavy lift engineering encompasses the design, planning, and execution of lifting operations for transporting oversized or exceptionally heavy cargo. It involves structural analysis, rigging design, crane selection, and risk assessment to ensure safe and efficient lifting of large loads, often in challenging environments such as offshore installations, industrial sites or smaller outer ports. We are on-site with our supercargo team to support loading and discharge operations. All-in-all, we hold the largest team of experts in the industry which can develop the right journey for your cargo.

Your journey in safe hands.

Our versatile composition of shipping services and vessels gives you an unmatched selection of choice and security to get your logistics needs solved care-free from just one partner you can trust and rely on. JSI Alliance wherever you need us to be.

Mighty ships for your mighty cargo.

Not found the right vessel yet?
We will find the one for you.

120 years of knowledge
ready to envision the right journey for you.

Your Journey – Engineered

A reliable operation requires a special kind of people to succeed – highly trained engineers and project management specialists that put their expertise to work for your project, have safety awareness as second nature and are efficient in their communications.

Our large in-house teams use state of the art methods, software and equipment to prepare stowage and lifting operations. We will work with you along the entire project life-cycle and deliver fully documented solutions upon request.

From semi-liner services to one-off solutions for even the most challenging lifts. From finite element calculations to ship motion analyses to preparatory 3D animations – JSI Alliance is your one-stop-partner.

Your Journey – Managed

When you book your cargo with JSI Alliance, rest assured we will take care of the finer details and solve any logistical challenges along the way to deliver a reliable service for you. You can depend on us.

With JSI Alliance you have one entry point where your project requirements will be reviewed by our chartering team and engineers who will team up to find the best possible project solution. We ease your project management load, walk you through the full logistic operations and bring your goods to where you need them, allowing you to focus on your project not the logistics.

We provide:

  • End-to-end project management through dedicated in-house project management teams.
  • Full scope setups for vessel mobilisations incl. special equipment procurement and rigging.
  • On-carriage solutions upon request.
  • Chartering of additional third-party vessels incl. deck carriers and/or ro/flo vessels on request.

We do what it takes to get the job done – timely, efficiently, and safely.

We Act Safely to Stay Well!

The journey of JSI Alliance will only commence carefree if  ensures a safe working environment for all those involved – That is why we in JSI Alliance operates to the highest safety standards for cargo, crew and client. In addition, we continuously run and update our in-house safety programs. As we say; We Act Safely to Stay Well!

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Breakbulk Europe

The entire breakbulk industry is heading to Rotterdam, and so are we. Visit us at the Breakbulk Europe to explore our expertise and solutions. We look forward to meet you there.


Rotterdam, The Netherlands


21 – 23 May 2024
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Breakbulk Americas


Houston, USA


15 – 17 October 2024

Working towards sustainable journeys for a greener tomorrow.

Methanol Fleet

With a newbuilding program of the next generation of heavy lifters capable of operating on green methanol, JSI Alliance are in the forefront of green shipping solutions. Our first ships will be delivered from late 2024.

Clean fuel options

JSI Alliance holds a solid track record using bio fuels in it is operations, and can support you in making your logistics a little greener. We can arrange voyages operated on bio fuels by sole voyages or by complete time charters of our vessels. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about what options we have for your journey.

Sustainable Reports

Our sustainability reports highlight our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, detailing our progress towards reducing our carbon footprint and implementing clean fuel technologies. They underscore our dedication to transparently sharing our journey towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, reflecting our holistic approach to sustainable maritime shipping. You can check Sustainability at Harren Group and Sustainability at Jumbo Maritime.


We proactively engage with the EU-ETS, embracing it as a pivotal component of our sustainability strategy. This commitment aids in systematically reducing our emissions, aligning our operations with rigorous environmental standards and contributing significantly to our goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. You can learn more on our ETS clauses and transparent method of calculation here.

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