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Adding pieces to the puzzles


Adding pieces to the puzzles


Vessel Type 176, 171 and 116

Weight 75 nacelles

Dimensions Up to 22,230 m3 per voyage

POL Cuxhaven, Germany

Esbjerg, Denmark

Aalborg, Denmark

Taichung, Taiwan, Berth 106, 36 and F2

Project Summary

75 nacelles for offshore wind projects in Taiwan.

In line with the ongoing contract for the shipment of 75 complete 8MW SG 8.0 167 DD turbines, including blades, tower sections and nacelles, from Cuxhaven, Esbjerg and Aalborg to Taichung, Taiwan, JSI-Alliance proved their flexibility and strength by safely transporting the sensitive nacelles. The company was adding pieces to the puzzles.

“After good and constructive negotiations with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S in Vejle, SAL Heavy Lift managed to enter a contract for the shipment of cargo for three major offshore wind projects in Taiwan. The contract also included the shipment of 75 nacelles within 16 shipments, carried out by the JSI-Alliance fleet. We added pieces to the puzzles,” highlighted Jan-Peter Esbensen, Managing Director at JSI-Alliance Denmark. “We used our Type 176, 171 and 116 vessels for these shipments,” said Fabian Obert, Manager Chartering and Projects at JSI-Alliance.

Depending on the vessel type, the team was able to transport five or six nacelles per voyage, resulting in a total number of 16 voyages carrying nacelles from Cuxhaven, Germany or Esbjerg, Denmark. Each voyage also carried 15 blades which were loaded in Aalborg, Denmark.

“Despite the fact we had to deal with a tight stow in the cargo hold, our team successfully managed to safely handle the nacelles. Even under strong wind conditions,” Fabian Obert highlighted.

Once all nacelles have arrived at their final port of destination in Taichung, they will be used at various project sites in the Taichung area. The shipment of 75 turbine towers, each separated in three sections, has started in 2021, will be continued in May 2022 and will be finished in 2023.

Did you know?

A wind turbine nacelle is a cover housing that houses all of the generating components in a wind turbine, including the generator, gearbox, drive train and brake assembly. Some offshore wind turbines also have another notable feature: a large sturdy helicopter-hoisting platform. This platform is built on top of the nacelle, capable of supporting service personnel and their tools, winched down to the platform from a helicopter hovering above it. During this process, wind turbine rotors are stopped, feathered and locked before personnel are dropped down to or picked up from the platforms.

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