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A Triumph in Wind Energy Logistics


A Triumph in Wind Energy Logistics


Vessel Industrial Ruby

Cargo Windmill Blades

Weight n.a.

Dimensions 80m long

POL Brownsville, TX

POD Huasco, Chile


  • The Industrial Ruby was ideally suited to carry 80 meter blades

Project Summary

In the ever-evolving landscape of renewable energy, the transportation of windmill blades presents a unique set of challenges. These components, crucial for the construction of wind turbines, are not only massive but also delicate, necessitating specialized vessels for their safe and efficient delivery. A recent voyage by the vessel Industrial Ruby has become a standout example of such specialized logistics in action.

The Industrial Ruby, a vessel that has carved a niche for itself in the renewable energy sector, embarked on a noteworthy journey from Brownsville, Texas, to Huasco, Chile. Its cargo was none other than windmill blades, each measuring an impressive 80 meters in length. The vessel’s design allows for the secure and stable carriage of such large-scale components across vast distances, overcoming the logistical challenges that often accompany renewable energy projects.

As wind energy continues to gain traction globally, the role of specialized vessels like the Industrial Ruby becomes increasingly crucial. They not only ensure the safe delivery of essential components but also underscore the importance of innovation and adaptation in the face of logistical challenges and the path towards a greener future.

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