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#Port Handling Equipment

Shipment of Shipunloader


Vessel Jumbo Kinetic

Weight 1 radial shipunloader – 1435 t

Dimensions 135 x 25 x 43 m

POL Phu My, Vietnam

POD Vancouver, Canada


  • 2 years of extensive engineering
  • 2 lifting arrangements:
    – 1 dual lift to bring unit on deck.
    – 1 single lift to bring unit in final.
  • Temporary suspension on deck for reriggin
  • Repositioning of crane boom to influence centre of gravity to enable single lift
  • Overhanging tweendecks to support crane bogies

Project Summary: Shipment of shipunloader

Raising the bar

When beast meets giant you witness the Jumbo Kinetic mastering the lift and transport of a 1435 t shiploader. We raised the bar with the shipment of shipunloader measuring 135 x 25 x 43 metres, from Vietnam to Canada for the machine’s manufacturer Tenova. Based on the size of the unit and the length of its boom, loading this shiploader was a formidable task. We temporarily suspended the unit above the deck so that the boom could be retracted to change the centre of gravity position. This enabled the team to re-rig and then perform a single lift to shift the shiploader.

After a 20 day ocean voyage the Jumbo Kinetic arrived in Vancouver to discharge the shiploader while it was half suspended over the water. It was then steadily manoeuvred onto the pivot point at the quayside and onto semi-circle shaped rails above the water.

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