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Lifting of a 1100 T Buoy

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Lifting of a 1100 t Buoy


Vessel Fairpartner

Cargo 1100 t buoy

POL Batam, Indonesia

POD Kakinada, India

Project Ruby FPSO Mooring


  • Buoy was loaded by floating crane with grillage attached
  • Buoy was discharged by vessels 2 x 900 t cranes in tandem lift
  • Lifting by joining two carrier owned 800 t lifting beams
  • Discharging directly into the water at sheltered area
  • During discharge, the buoy was slowly ballasted with water to gain stability

Project Summary: Lifting of a 1100 t buoy

Transporting unique cargo

Fairpartner is no stranger to transporting unique cargoes, and this loadout was no different with the lifting of a 1100 t Buoy in Batam, Indonesia and onward transportation to the Ruby FPSO Mooring off the coast of Kakinada, India. The heavy buoy was discharged by the vessels two 900 t cranes in a tandem lift and placed directly in the water.

Throughout the discharge operation, the buoy was slowly ballasted with water, so it gained stability in the sea. Whether we are transporting unique pieces of cargo or taking caring of global transport logistics with engineered shipping solutions, we go beyond simply carrying your cargo safely. Every project big or small is given the attention to detail and care it deserves, ensuring delivery of the best shipping project solution tailor made to your needs.

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