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Facilitating Guyana’s Gas to Energy Project

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Facilitating Guyana’s Gas to Energy Project


Vessel Aurora

Cargo Pipe

Weight Total 14,390mt of pipe for the Gas to

Energy project in Guyana

Dimensions n.a.

POL Vitoria, Brazil

POD Georgetown, Guyana


  • Three consecutive voyages, challenging conditions at port of discharge with severe draft limitations

Project Summary

MV Aurora successfully supported the logistical framework of Guyana’s ambitious Gas to Energy project by delivering a total of 14,390 metric tons of pipe. This project marks a milestone in the country’s efforts to enhance its energy independence and sustainability.

MV Aurora’s journey commenced from the port of Vitoria, Brazil, a strategic starting point due to its proximity to manufacturing sites and its capacity to handle cargo of such magnitude. The final destination was Georgetown, Guyana, where the pipes would be utilized in the construction and operational phases of the energy project. This route not only underlines the logistical planning involved but also the cross-regional cooperation between South American nations towards common developmental goals.

The voyage of MV Aurora was not without its challenges. Undertaking three consecutive voyages, the vessel and its crew had to navigate through stringent conditions, particularly at the port of discharge in Georgetown, Guyana. One of the most significant hurdles was the severe draft limitations, which necessitated meticulous planning and precision in navigation to ensure the safe and efficient unloading of the pipe cargo. These conditions tested the resolve and expertise of MV Aurora’s crew, showcasing their commitment to the success of the Gas to Energy project.

The delivery of 14,390 metric tons of pipe by MV Aurora is a testament to the vessel’s contribution to the infrastructure development in Guyana. The pipes are essential for the construction of facilities that will process and transport natural gas, a cleaner energy source that promises to significantly reduce the country’s carbon footprint. By ensuring the timely and safe delivery of this cargo, MV Aurora has facilitated a crucial step towards the realization of Guyana’s Gas to Energy project, which aims to enhance the nation’s energy security and support its economic development.

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