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Transport of 9 yachts


Transport of 9 yachts


Vessel MV Regine

Weight Up to 775 t

Dimensions Up to 56 x 10.6 m

POL Several ports in the Mediterranean

POD South East Asia


  • Full deck transport of 9 yachts
  • Extensive lifting gear with an overall weight of 95 t
  • Particular care to be taken to not damage the sensitive cargo
  • Slight movements of vessel might have severe consequences on the behaviour of the rigging during slinging process

Project Summary

Extensive experience in floating cargo lifting operations.

We have expertise in shipping tugs, yachts, ferries, naval ships, barges and many other types of marine cargo. We have built up strong competences within this field of operation, making us a reliable partner for sea transport of this kind of cargo.

When Type 176 HLV Regine was trusted with the transport of nine yachts from several ports in the Mediterranean to South East Asia our clients benefitted from the fact that the vessel was already equipped with special lifting gear that permits safe, efficient loading and unloading of sensitive cargo. Amongst the nine yachts that were loaded on deck of HLV Regine was also a 56 x 10.6 m yacht weighing 775 t.

Our experts, backed by a competent vessel crew with extensive experience of floating cargo lifting operations, will meet any special requirements for lifting floating cargo out or lowering it into the water. The transport of 9 yachts was completed successfully.

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